What Started out as Casual Advice Resulted in a Business that Delivers Professional Construction Services

Paz Construction Management Services was created initially as a consulting service to help professionals who wanted to or had to improve their real estate investment in order to optimize their return on investment. In most cases, it appears to be straightforward, but in reality the improvement phase of the infrastructure can be much more complicated, eroding the expected profit and in the worst of cases, results in loss of investment.

Ron Paz

Ron Paz

Founder & CEO

What differentiates PAZ CM SVS from other Contractors? The founder, Ron Paz, has over 35 years of experience in very large, sophisticated and complex projects as a senior manager for the largest construction firms in the world. His project experience spans from high profile high rise construction projects in South Florida and the San Francisco Bay Area and high profile institutional buildings including multiple US Embassies in different continents, to small scale individual residential projects that were unable to be completed by others. In addition, he managed and established offices that provided specialty work for signature infrastructure such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge. He did the same for less known but equally technically challenging work in refinery structures in the US and highway work in third world countries.