Total Project Management

The story of the first official consulting job probably best illustrates the service. A friend who managed a Private Bank approached me to visit a property that they foreclosed on. It was a 10 unit multifamily mid-rise residential unit. The units were partially gutted and construction activities were at a complete standstill. He had a meeting with a contractor at the building who told him he would complete the project for a flat fee of $1 million. I pulled my friend aside, and told him to ask the contractor a few questions. Would he include the permit costs? Will he provide drawings needed to obtain permits if needed, and last but not least, is his proposal all-inclusive resulting in a “turn-key” delivery and is he willing to sign a Design/Build contract? When he went back to the contractor and he did not get a straight forward answer to any of these questions, I told him, don’t take the offer and let’s work on a plan that will minimize your risk.



• Design Coordination

• Constructability

• Value Engineering

• Estimating

• Contract Development

• Budgeting

Construction Management

• Construction Schedule and Cash Flow Planning.

• Development of Schedule of Values

• Monitoring/Evaluation of Progress

• Contract Administrating including evaluation of changes/Adds/Deducts.

• Development and Purchasing of Material Allowances

Construction Management
General Contractor

General Contractor

• Perform Work with In-House Labor Force
• Integrate use of Specialty Subcontractors
• Provide Insurance Coverage
• Provide Delivery Guarantees

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